Welcome to Fox Hollow Sport Horses

We have been breeding and selling Irish Draught Horses, both purebred and sport horses, since 1996.  The emphasis of our program has always been to focus on breeding horses that  have the ability to do the wide variety of jobs that today's riders want to do; one that is  built to stay sound and healthy for many years of performing these jobs; and one that is fun and a joy to be around.  The mares and stallions chosen are selected for their potential to contribute to these goals.   We are very pleased to have succeeded on all counts over the years.



We are pleased to offer you:

  1. Frozen semen from Silver Granite RID - Now deceased, Silver Granite was one of the top approved Irish Draught stallions that specialized in dressage.
  2. Frozen semen from Mountain Pearl RID - Now living and standing stud in County Sligo Ireland, we have a limited amount of frozen semen available to select purebred Irish Draught mares.
  3. Frozen semen from Regalia Prince Arthur RID - Now gelded for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with him, we have a small supply of frozen semen for this stallion who is not only very traditional, but is a rare dun color with the ability to produce dun offspring that are not grey.
  4. Our experience.  We would be happy to guide you in learning about the breed,  making a selection of a stallion for your mare, or assist you in finding the right horse to purchase to fit your specific horse requirements.